Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kimble had his first day of school on Tuesday. He has been doing pretty good. Today his Teacher asked the class to draw a picture of themselves and he didn't want to do it. So Mrs. Peck had him stay in from the first part of recess until he did it. I asked him why he didn't want to do it and he said " I didn't do it, because I couldn't do it perfect enough." So I said you just need to do your best.... we talked about it for a couple minutes hopefully he will figure it out.
I have a cold, I should never bake cakes when I have a cold. I tried to make a coconut cake today.... it looked like a really big very rectangular pancake. The cake had a nasty crust on it and was about a half inch thick, so sad, six eggs and one and half sticks of butter gone. Any way I should have taken a picture of it. Just terrible. I made some Miranda Bars and they turned out just right, they always do, thanks Merandie. Oh man I still have to make all 80 of my squares for Quilt club, in two weeks, so I may not be updating this thing for a while, but I am going to try to post once a week or more if I can.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Okay, you all know me, this is hard for me, but Gator thinks that all of you that live far away should know and see, that I cut my hair. I kept it real here, this is me before and after. I had few in between hair do's but I came home from church Sunday and I just couldn't take it, I started cutting, and well this is how I ended up. Anyway this is it. I can't believe how short it is. But it is really easy and I feel so light, man. I do really like it. Let me know what ya think. I love seeing post's from other people, it makes me feel cool and stuff.
Another cake. I made a yellow cake from my favorite cook book, Americas Test kitchen at home, lovely book, lovely cake. The cake was nice and light, it had a beautiful crumb, and good taste, and it puffed up perfectly, no sinking. The buttercream had melted bittersweet chocolate in it, so creamy and soooo delicious. Kimble chose the tip I used on the pastry bag and the words on the Top. The kids helped me make it too. We had fun, fun, fun.
Let's see, Jo and I made these today. The brown one's are filled with chocolate mouse and dipped in chocolate and toasted coconut. The white one's are filled with a cheese cake type substance. We mixed up some ready to eat cheese cake filling and some whipped cream and then dipped the filling in toasted coconut. We are both big fans of toasted coconut. We ate several in the making of and ruined a few while rolling them. Oh the shell is made with toasted coconut and sugar and flour, not your traditional cannoli. I think next time I will be traditional and make them with mascarpone or ricotta. Anyway....they were pretty darn good, but I ate to many and now my tummy is not happy. Thus I am still up and posting.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I souped these up by using Droste cocoa. The white is Marsh mellow butter cream and the brown is chocolate butter cream, I dusted the top with cocoa as well. They were a big hit, now I want to make some more, everybody loved them. Chad and Gator liked them better without the filling. I on the other hand could have handled more filling, hah!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The begining of Our Blog

Hello and Welcome to the Angi website, we say it like fungi. I Elisa Angus, will be doing the posting so it will probably be more like my Blog but it will have lots of stuff about us. So I will be doing what everyone else does and post random stuff that will only be fun for family and friends and I am going to write it and post it like you know us, no background information just the story behind the pic, or just stories. So yeah enjoy.