Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well Hey Everybody, I am so dang busy all the time with ASL and Doctors and Helper people at the house, it has been very difficult. So I have put the blog and quilts on hold. I have now gotten enough ASL in my brain that I have just finished one quilt and started another one, Gator has changed our computers running system so many times.... so many. So I still have to try to figure out how to get pics on here.

So here's the update, Kimble wants to home school really bad, so we are trying to figure it out. He starts Soccer in a couple weeks, I am the coach of his team. Maggie is the sauce as she is constantly telling me, her hair is growing, and she and Kimble and Ira play so well together it is scary in a wonderful way. Ira is learning sign, he says: MOM, DAD, MORE, WANT, GIVE ME THAT, TAKE ME THERE, and he tries to sign I LOVE YOU. OH and Bye and Hello, He signs bye and hello every time he come in or out of a room, just to let us know.

Gator and I are trying to figure out if we should stay in our ward or go to the Deaf ward or split up our time between the two, staying members of this one and visiting that one, or what, we don't know. We have really been so frustrated by this issue and we keep having bad times with our callings and dealing with people. I personally have never had such a hard time getting up the desire to go to church, I am afraid. But I know God lives, can't deny it, so I go, and I struggle with that. But I know I wouldn't be doing so well with sign and mothering if I didn't do the things I do everyday to show my devotion to to all that is the Gospel. So hopefully I will figure out what I am supposed to be learning from all of this, and soon.

Pics coming soon...