Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quilt's I made for buddies, babies. The pink is for baby Katelynn and the other is for Bobbie's baby boy and I new it 5 seconds ago and now I can't remember. But I will remember and when I do I will fix this. I love Quilts. The back of the bottom one is so cool, I will have to take a picture of it and show you all if there is interest in actually seeing it.

For those of you who don't know, Dana is my buddy and she rules and so do her kids, Whitney and Gavin. We babysat Whitty a little bit ago and she got ready for bed with us. As soon as her jams were on, she ran to Mags bed and got happily under the covers. Mag soon joined her followed by Kimba. They just sat there and laughed at each other for like 5 minutes. They are all so good together and they really love each other, and Dane and I love them and it is just a lovely thing. So I had to put these pics up because of all the love. The bottom one is Gavin and Ira and Dana's arm. They were being cute and as soon as we got the camera out they stopped but oh well they are still cool.

This would be cooler if I would have done before pics, but I didn't. These are my freshly organized cupboards and pantry. I did this about a month ago and they still look good. I love it, so I share with you my happiness in Homemaking. I love that I can still find satisfaction and even joy in my daily tasks.

My Mom, Mag, Kimble and Ira. Kimble is Annakin, Mag is a witchy pooh, and Ira was a theme on kitty stuff and Halloween. They had a lot of fun. I think my mom had the most fun. And check out the hilarious look Ira is giving Mag.

I went with Kimble's class to a Pumpkin Patch. He loved the bus, that is the bottom pic. The boys in my group were adorable, and so good. They really stayed with me and the little boy with the brown hair not brown skin told Kimble he loved me, he kept telling me that he liked me and telling Kimble he loved me, it was so cute. The butterfly was trapped in an empty green house and I put my hand under it and brought it out into the open air and it stayed on my hand for a couple of minutes, so I had to take a picture because it will probably never happen again. I am a girl and I love bugs, always have, so I have imagined every kind of thing that creeps, crawls, climbs, slithers, swims, and flies, sitting on my hand and having a nice conversation with me over tea and cakes. I realize that would be a problem with the swimming ones and well the food wouldn't be good for any of us, but it is in my head just like that anyway. I had a slug farm and a worm farm in fish tanks in our backyard inside an old broken down VW bus one summer when I was a kid, they did pretty well until the first frost, boy did I feel guilty when I saw all my little friends frozen to death in their little farm(a.k.a glass box full of dirt and leaves and dead bugs). So that led to me saving bugs whenever I see one in trouble, including spiders in my house, bees, wasps, whatever, I save it. So saving a butterfly is pretty much it for me, I was so happy when it flew away up into a beautiful autumn tree. The tree was directly in the light and I could not get a good pic, so no happy ending pic but you know the story so... Anyway..... uh the field trip was fun except for the bus, uh, ya, loudest place EVER. I was so unhappy about the noise, once again however, I remembered my I pod and man, I survived, I made it. But I will NEVER go on the bus again. I will drive. So loud, so very, very, very loud.
Mag with all her cuteness. She was hamming it up, so I took some pics, I am getting used to the hair and lots of people say it suits her.